A Strong Company Culture Is The Best Retention Strategy Amid High Turnover

Millions of Americans continue to leave their jobs voluntarily each month, forcing employers to spend a lot of time and attention on recruiting and hiring when they really need to be thinking about retention strategy. The government reported a record number of Americans, 70 million, left their jobs in 2021, including 47.8 million departures counted as voluntary. […]

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Sustaining Workplace Culture When The Company Has Gone Virtual

Executive leaders who question the sustainability of the virtual workplace have a ready excuse for expediting an end to it as soon as possible: A healthy workplace culture relies on social interaction and impromptu meetings that happen only in person. Let’s examine this premise, because a complete reversal of the work-from-home trend seems unlikely soon, […]

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COVID Shutdown Decisions Challenge Business Leaders’ Confidence

The havoc that COVID-19 brought, and continues to bring, to our workplaces has tested executive leaders’ problem-solving skills and resilience. We are making shutdown decisions that affect our people’s lives and safety and the fortunes of our company in an atmosphere of remarkable uncertainty. It’s like one of those famously complicated case studies that business […]

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