Jason Randall

Entrepreneur | Leader | Author

Confidence and humility help senior leaders establish a culture that aligns their people with the end point they want to reach and the timeline for getting there.

Jason Randall is the CEO of Questco, a nationwide Outsourced HR provider based in the Houston metropolitan area, specializing in offering Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services. His work takes on the side of business that leaders rarely think about when creating their companies: human resources. Under his leadership, Questco has become an award-winning organization known for its flexibility and human-centered customer service. His entrance into this niche industry, like much of his resume, was unpredictable.

Jason received an Accounting degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After graduation, he became a CPA for Deloitte & Touche. Deciding that this was not the path for him, Jason decided to scratch his entrepreneurial itch. Jason and a lifelong friend, became franchisees in a direct mailing business until a particular client caught their eye. Their client, a pizza franchise, was looking to open another location. Jason and his business partner decided to get their hands in some dough. They gave up the direct mailing company for that new pizza restaurant and ran it for about four years. Jason, now confident he could throw a pizza with the best of them, made the decision to return to school to earn his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

MBA in hand, Jason then dove into the corporate world, working for The Boston Consulting Group and Goldman Sachs. Eventually, he landed a position as the Director of Brand Marketing for leading B2B Services company Maritz where he spent three years leading his part of the storied B2B organization.

Ready for a new challenge and the opportunity to lead an entire company, Jason became the CEO of Freedom Holdings, Inc, a leading e-commerce company focusing on the event ticketing space. There, Jason led the company through exponential growth, in the process challenging his own ideas of what it meant to be a leader. Dismantling the CEO superhero myth, Jason became an empathetic leader who knew better than to think he had all the answers. In concert with this realization, he became enmeshed with the world of PEOs.

His company began working with Insperity, a major national PEO. This work opened his eyes to a better way of solving problems for his team and, ultimately, fueled the next phase of his career. Jason would go on to join Insperity as a vice president and managing director. Fueled by his experience in and passion for this industry, he was named CEO of Questco in 2018, a position he has held since.